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Veggie Trail Farms is proud to be part of a local food hub that provides our customers with locally produced meats, eggs, and vegetables. Many of these items are organic and naturally grown, coming in twelve months of the year. No need to fill your freezer, just order what you need every month.

If you are interested in any of this produce, please contact Tammy () and ask about order deadlines, pick up dates, and prices.

Fresh Local Ground Meats:
Available in 5 kg boxes or bricks of approximately 1.25 lb.
Lean Ground Beef
Medium Ground Beef
Ground Chicken
Ground Lamb
Ground Pork
Ground Turkey
Ground Veal

Fresh Local Chicken:
These chickens and parts are all grain fed and air cooled, arriving fresh not frozen. The smaller chickens and parts are from Gagnon, the large roasters are from Flamingo; Both producers are located in Quebec.
Whole Chickens: 4-4.2 lb
Large Roasting Chickens: 5-8 lb
Chicken Breasts - Boneless and Skinless: 5kg or 2.5kg bag
Chicken Thighs - Boneless and Skinless: 5kg or 2.5kg bag
Turkey Breasts - Boneless and Skinless, Flash Frozen: 1.5-2 kg each
Chicken Breasts - Bone-In: 6 kg bag (8-10 birds)
Cornish Hens: 4 per bag, 1.5-1.9 lbs each
Giblets (hearts, livers, OR gizzards): 5 kg bag
Chicken Legs (thigh and drumstick): 6 kg bag
Chicken Wings: 4-6 kg bag
Chicken Bones (whole chicken carcasses): average 5 kg bag

Fresh Beef:
Boneless Rib Eye: 8-10 kg each
Chuck or Clod: average 10-12 kg
Eye of the Round: average 2.8-3.5 kg each
Flank Steaks: 5 kg bag, steaks approximately 1 kg
NY Striploin: 6-8 kg each
Prime Rib: 8-9 kg each
Sirloin Tip: 6-9 kg each
Striploin Steaks, Flash Frozen: package of 2
Tenderloin (Butt End): 1.5-2 kg
Top Sirloin: 6-7 kg each

Boneless Pork Butt: average 10 lb
Boneless Pork Loin Roll: 4-5 kg
Deluxe Bacon: 5 kg box, or half box
Ham with Bone In (smoked and partially cooked): 10-12 kg
Pork Shoulder (Bone-in): 4-5 kg
Pork Tenderloins: 5 per bag, average weight of 1 lb
Toupie Ham: whole ham, half ham, or one quarter ham

Local Lamb:
Leg of Lamb: This supply is range-fed, it comes from Quebec, and arrives flash frozen. Each leg ranges from 3-5 kg.

Fresh and Frozen Veal:
Available upon request. Please ask for the current prices, and indicate if you would like milk-fed, or grain-fed veal.

NOTE: This is not the order for BEARBROOK GAME MEAT SELECTIONS: All Bearbrook meats are hormone and antibiotic free. Their animals are pastured and free to roam, feasting on grass, hey and grains. We've taken the liberty to select several items that we think you will enjoy. If there is something not listed below, visit their site: and tell us what you are looking for. We will add it to your order at their advertised price. The next Bearbrook order will be November 1st. (Every 4-5 weeks.)

GROUND ANGUS: average brick is 1 lb: $8.20/lb or $18.00/kg
GROUND: half beef & half pork: average 1 lb brick: $8.00/lb, or $16.00/kg
BEEF BONES: $10.00/kg
BEEF STEW: $11.00/kg

GROUND VENISON: average brick 1 lb: $13.65/lb, $30/kg
VENISON LIVER: $10.90/kg
VENISON SAUSAGES (SMOKED): average package is 1 lb: $15.00/lb
VENISON STEW: $49.95/kg

GROUND BUFFALO: average package is 1 lb: $18.15/lb, $30/kg
BUFFALO HEART: $19.95/kg
BUFFALO LIVER: $10.90/kg
BUFFALO SAUSAGE (SMOKED): $18.00/lb, $39.95/kg
BUFFALO STEW: $49.95/kg

GROUND ELK: average package is 1 lb: $13.65/lb, $30/kg
ELK LIVER: $10.90/kg
ELK SOUP BONES: $11.00/kg
ELK SAUSAGE (APPLE-CRAN-CHERRY): $17.10/lb or $37.60/kg
ELK STEW: $49.95/kg

Our pledge to you, our customers, is to provide you with the best produce available, with priority being organic, chemical free, and naturally grown. Some of the farms we deal with are not organic, but they only use nutrients and pesticides when required.